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How do i configure my light bulb to change color?? i use openhab with mqtt

Censoring information makes it difficult to help, but let’s try.

What exact message does your lightbulb expect, and on what MQTT topic? Or are you saying that you have configured the Thing Channel, but you don’t know what to do next?


I did what is in the image, I want to change the color of my bulb but it does not change. I use nodered as mqtt, I should send it as nodered as well for it to work ?

I’m not sure what this means, I’m afraid.

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You want to connect to the mqtt broker via nodered or what do you mean?

My light bulb with mqtt already works for me in node red, I just want to change the color

and you want to do this with OH instead of NodeRed?
Are you using NR to turn on/off the lights currently?

I use Openhab mqtt and I also have the openhab flow configured in nodered mqtt, all that I did to make openhab work with mqtt. Now what I need is to be able to control the color, but it seems that I also have to send it to nodered for the bulb to update.

Nodered is just a mqtt broker, I manage the devices from openhab

Got it.
Do you see any error/messages in the logfiles if you try to change the color in the gui(picture you shared)?

none, I think I need to send him something by nodered to get the color that I send him by openhab, but I don’t know how to do that

please share your config + excact type of the lights bulb


And you’ve linked that channel to some kind of Item, perhaps?



please share your logs from mqtt broker when you try to change the color via the gui.

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