MQTT persistance in openhab3


currently I try to prepare my configuration for openhab3 and I was looking for mqtt based persistance. But I have not found it.

My current setup is publishing certain values, which a member of a specific group, to a mqtt broker. I configure this with a mqtt persistence binding in openhab2. Is there any recommended way to do the same in openhab 3?

My use case is that I share values, e.g. from my weather station, with friends which a part of a private cloud network. We use this broker to exchange several values, we want to share between us.

That’s because it doesn’t exist. It was only ever supported in the 1.x MQTT binding and even then it was deprecated years and years ago when the Event Bus configuration was created for the 1.x binding. See MQTT 2.5 Event Bus for how to set this up in the >2.x MQTT binding.

thanks a lot

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