MQTT power meter for 3 phase?

I Know to monitor 16A power outlet… 16A Outlet > Sonoff TH16> Tasmota > MQTT > Openahb
is there any solution that will give me. all home > ? > MQTT > Openahb
i have a tenant in my home so i want to measure his sole breaker also

even a DIY project? i want metrics to go to influx eventually

Why not use a Modbus enabled meter? Plenty of those about.

can you please give me an exmaple … i dont know how to work with modbus , i will be glad to learn

Modbus is just a protocol used over a serial physical interface. It’s an industrial standard so quite common on 3-phase metering. Can also run over TCP/IP, but I doubt there’s many meters with that.

Look in ebay for sample products.

used over a serial physical interface.

this part i am missing how does it connect to OH?
let’s say i am running in VM, is there any Modbus MQTT/WIFI gate?

How were you expecting to connect MQTT?
You need some kind of physical connection. Length of wire, radio waves.
Whichever you choose, there’ll be some kind of standard for what the electrical signals mean. WiFi, ethernet, RS232, RS485.
On top of that, there is some kind of protocol (like a language) giving meaning to the digital numbers flying about. MQTT, zwave, Modbus.

openHAB will work with a great many different protocols, don’t worry about that end. Make your choices at the meter end - how to connect to it will be a big factor.

For most modern hosts, a “physical serial interface” will take the practical form of a USB dongle and a length of cable.

I had a quick look about, and TCP/IP (ethernet) meters do exist - at a price.
WiFi too, but beware of some depending on an external cloud service.
There are even MQTT versions - I found one at 540 euros.
I found a Modbus serial one on ebay at 30 euros.

Modbus-TCP will work over WiFi or wired ethernet.
Modbus-RTU will work over wired serial, usually RS485

do you think this will work ?
his taking Wemos and RS485 and making a gateway

but i see an issue for getting the right massuerments … tuned…

But openHAB supports Modbus. Why would you want to to convert to MQTT? What advantage do you think there is?

so i still dont get it :slight_smile:

i just want info going to my system and i dont have the previlage to run a USB cable , and the 500 euro are scary :slight_smile:

Okay, so you cannot run a cable to this meter? What will you do instead, use WiFi?

yep maybe RPI that can take RS485… i will look into it thank you for all the info

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