Mqtt problem / refresh?

Hi guys,

is it possible to send the current topics in the broker, for example, every minute?

I can see the values ​​of my thermostats with the mqtt explorer, but they are only updated in openhab if I change the values ​​either on the device itself or on the smartphone app. if I open now for example my basic ui and neither on the smartphone nor on the device change something I get only “-” displayed. If I change any value, everything changes and in the ui are the corresponding values.

I hope you understand what I mean and can help me



Change what ever is publishing the messages to use retained messages. Then OH will get the latest reading whether or not OH happened to be online when the message was published.

Without the retained flag set, MQTT messages are ephemeral. If OH isn’t connected when the message is sent, it will never be able to receive it.

With the retained flag set, the MQTT broker will automatically send the last message so there is no need to keep sending it every ten minutes.

The only way to get the message sent every ten minutes is to modify the device publishing the messages to publish it every ten minutes, which isn’t really how MQTT is supposed to work.

Under what circumstances does that happen? Once an Item state has been updated, by rule or binding, it will stay that way until something else happens.
You’d normally only see “-” after a reboot or editing session where Items may be reset to NULL before the first update from rule or binding happens.

Perhaps what you want is restore on startup.

Thanks for your answers… i try a little bit