MQTT Subsribe (no messages sent) 2.5@~RC1 and 1776

I am struggling with events not forwarded via MQTT Subscription.
For this, I have set up a openhabian 2.5~RC1 (meanwhile 1776 Snapshot) system.

My configuration has only one enocean nodon PIR and I expect it to forward events via a MQTT Broker thing which is configured with a switch channel which is again linked against the switch item of the nodon pir thing.

As already said, enocean pir thing handles properly motion events and the corresponding MQTT generic thing shows this event in paper ui. But noting is forwarded to the MQTT Host. Openhab logs are completley quiet as well.

Everything is configured via paper ui.

Please note!!! There is currently no need to show me work arounds via .thing files.

I am posting this just to point to a potential problem.

And it has been fixed in a subsequent snapshot, I believe.

subsequant to today’s snapshot?

I was referring to

RC1 is not today’s snapshot. It is the latest testing version, not the unstable one.

i am on 1776

It is not at all clear what you have configure here or where it’s not working.

What’s “the MQTT Host”? Do you mean that OH doesn’t publish a message?

Are you using a follow Profile?

What is the event you see in events.log, a change or a command? The MQTT Thing shows an event? Except for Channel Trigger events, you do not see Thing events in events.log, only Item events.

Also, please change the topic title to 2.5 SNAPSHOT #1776. 2.5 RC1 is a static build and release and you are using a later version of OH.

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yes, MQTT is not sending(publishing) messages to my MQTT Broker (Mosquitto on a different box)

please be aware, I am openhab newbie and my setup is purly sandbox.The probIem reported happened at M6 and RC1 and changing to 1776 was just to check if the problem has been fixed meanwhile.
The link I am using uses “System Default” profiles.

  • No, the MQTT Thing shows nothing in the event log but the “Button” of the control UI is updated once enocean thing sees a movement…
  • I do not yet understand the use case for profiles. I used “System Default Profile”. But I introduced meanwhile a new link with a “follow” profile. A a result of this, my mqtt broker became flooded by more than 4000 messages within a minute. Well, this is bit to much :wink: .
    I am happy to provide you with more precise details. Just ask.

Without your item and Thing definitely we are flying blind. You need to post them. Also post relevant logs.


  • what is the best way to show you thing/item definitions if I defined them in paper ui?

  • As I said before, the log is quiet with regards to MQTT. Can you point me to the right entries to activate in order to get more verbose mqtt logs?

I don’t think we need mqtt logs, but why errors in openhab.log and any relevant events in events.log are relevant.

Best world be to post what you set reach field to but screen shots or the raw JSON will work as well.

Yesterday, late night, I wanted to prepare the gz files including logs and jsondb.
To make the setup a bit more readable I made some changes. I suddenly remarked, that my MQTT broker got messages which had been sent by my openhab.
But meanwhile mqtt broker is again not sending these messages anymore.

Please find enclosed the files you asked for as as zipped tar files(unfortunately with wrong suffix, due to authorisation restrictions)

jsondb.gz.txt (6.6 KB) logdir.gz.txt (104.1 KB) .

I’m not going to be able to spend the time trying to guess which Things and Items and logs are relevant to your specific problem, which is still not clear because "

doesn’t make a whole lot of sense. How are you determining that OH is sending the messages? How are you determining the broker isn’t receiving them?

Please extract only those lines and about those entries that have to do with the specific Things, items, and logs showing the erroneous behavior. Use code fences.

I understand your point, but I have a similar problem. I will wait and see.