MQTT switch item update - help required


it seems I’d need some help here as I am pretty stuck. I am running Openhab2 on Ubuntu 16 and have mqtt running locally. My arduino writes 433Mhz switch states to mqtt using RFLink & the Now I am trying to reflect the switch state from MQTT to an switch item:

Switch Switch3 “Schalter 3 " {mqtt=”<[mybroker:rflink/NewKaku/009b8ec2/R/message:state:ON:.ID=009b8ec2;SWITCH=3;CMD=ON.], <[mybroker:rflink/NewKaku/009b8ec2/R/message:state:OFF:.ID=009b8ec2;SWITCH=3;CMD=OFF.]"}

My MQTT queue correctly shows states:
stefan@openhab2:~$ mosquitto_sub -t ‘rflink/NewKaku/009b8ec2/R/message’

But my item status does not.

sitemap test label=“Testcenter” {
Switch item=Switch3

Helps and hints would be highly apreciated. THX in advance.

P.S: the item definition has ** before ID= but this post does seem to remove them - not sure how I can escape correctly here in this tool.


there are several smart quotation marks in your code. This can happen when pasting code to the forum, if not using code fences:

code goes here... "unchanged quotes"

Smart quotes are not allowed at all in openHAB configuration files.