"MQTT system broker connection" no longer within Settings

Hi, I’m missing my MQTT broker connection in the openHAB GUI.

I’m running both OH3 as well as OpenMediaVault on the same system. I just set up OMV today and it worked fine for some time. Now that I wanted to stop for the day, I noticed that my outlets wont work anymore. I restarted mosquitto via ssh, which seemed to fix the comm-error at least, so I’m back in control.

Ideas why it’s gone?
How can I make it come back?

Personally I think it’s a really strange problem, to which I didn’t find similar threads. Let me know what you think :slight_smile:

Not sure what you’re trying to show with your screenshot.

Here is how to connect openHAB to your Mosquitto MQTT broker.

The System broker is obsolete since OH3.0. You should have used the normal Broker connection for mosquitto from the very beginning.
System broker was only for the embedded broker, which was outdated and had some severe security issues, so it was removed.

There will be no way to get it back (other than downgrading to OH2.5.12).

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Ah. Seems like earlier me has gone the wrong way about the broker then. Thanks for letting me know, I’ll switch to the actuall way than.

I wanted to show the missing MQTT button in the bottom right corner. As it’s not the default way with oh3, it makes sense to me that the screenshot is no fulfilling it’s purpose.

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