[Mqtt] Textual config for homie devices


I recently integrated some Technoline TX29 temperature and humidity sensors via Jeelink Bridge to MQTT (following the homie convention). Everything is working smooth so far.
Since I am not really a fan of ui driven configuration, I’d like to have all my config in text files.

I couldn’t find a documentation on how to configure the mqtt binding to automatically add the needed homie things to my openhab installation.

Could someone please point me to a documentation or just give a simple example of how to mqtt.things file has to look like, when I want to use homie devices (with textual configuration)?

Thanks in advance,

Textual configuration will be the same as non-homie MQTT. You’ll just need to know what topics to subscribe to - not sure if there is an easier way to do this for homie topics (documentation for your device?), but I would ‘sniff’ the MQTT traffic using MQTT Explorer to find the right topics.

If you define everything in text files you can’t get automatic discovery. Without automatic discovery, as had been mentioned, Homie MQTT topics are just like any other MQTT topic. You will have to manually define everything using Generic MQTT Things. There are a bunch of examples on the forum.

I’ll also note that you can scan for and accept automatically discovered Things through the REST API and through the Karaf Console if it’s just the fact that there is a UI that you reect using. But the text configs are static by nature, nothing can be done automatically like discovery when using text configs.