MQTT thing always interpreted as datetime

Hello everyone,

I just started with openhab2 but already had an MQTT broker installed and tried adding it. Connecting to the broker worked like a charm but then I tried do display some information. I got the two topics home/kitchen/temperature and home/kitchen/temperature.
So I added a generic MQTT thing and added the first topic home/kitchen/temperature. The output on this topic is in the format 22.6. I already check that in MQTT.fx.
The problem now is, that the thing seems to displays the info as a datetime “1970-01-01T00:00:22.000+0000 °C” for example. I tried both the String or Number format for the channel subscribed to the topic, but it’s always displayed as a datetime…

Currently I’m just working with PaperUI.

Any suggestions/hints? I’m a bit lost here…

Use one of the real UIs. PaperUI is only for management/setup.

Things don’t display data in PaperUI. You might have a closer look at what you are looking at - an Item perhaps?