MQTT topic with wild card and transforms

If I used mosquitto to subscribe to a topic and use the # as the topic terminating wildcard, it will be published on both of the subscriptions following it, because of the wild card.

mosquitto_sub -h localhost -v -t '/+/+/e4049dc85w0e/TMP/#'
mosquitto_pub -h localhost -t /ble/livingroom/e4049dc85w0e/TMP/p -m '33.3’
mosquitto_pub -h localhost -t /ble/livingroom/e4049dc85w0e/TMP -m ‘44.4’

However, if I define an Item like this:
Number itm “Front [MAP(]” (ALL) {mqtt="<[mymosquitto:/ble/+/e4049dc85w0e/TMP/#:state:default]"}

With the trailing # wildcard, I would expect to also the get same behavior as the Mosquitto commands - both published text gets displayed. However, on OpenHAB 1.83, that is not the case. I’m using v1.3 Mosquitto on the server. When I publish the item without the P in subscription, nothign seems to show up. It’s only by publishing the /p topic openhab sees the data.

Also, I get these error logs:
2017-10-26 23:06:18.053 [WARN ] [t.i.s.MapTransformationService] - Could not find a mapping for ‘-’ in the file ‘’.

I can’t answer the question about the wild card in the Topic. I’ve never done that and do not know if OH supports it. It uses standard MQTT libraries so it seems like it should support it. Some quick searching around the Eclipse Paho Javadocs (which is the library I’m pretty sure the binding uses) does state that wildcards are only supported when using a QOS of at least 1. If your QOS is 0 that could explain the problem.

This I can answer. Your Item is Uninitialized. That is represented as a “-” in the label and the error is telling you that you don’t have a mapping for “-” in