MQTT Troubble after Udpate from OH 2.5 -> OH3

Hello OH Community,

i was using OH2.5 which was running fine quite long time. But then it got struggeling installing new bindinges etc. so i decided to move to OH3.10. Release build.

Basically the installation went fine but i dont get further with settings up the MQTT-Service.

What i did:

  • Clean image via SD-Card
  • Installed via openhab config the MQTT Service (mosquitto)
  • Installed the MQTT binding
  • Integrated a MQTT-Broker
  • Restored the mqtt.cfg
  • Restored sitemap/item/service-files from OH2.5

I wanted to use my old MQTT interfaces, like the garage or the pv inverter.

Here is one example item:

Number Grid_Power_L1 		    "Leistung Phase L1 (W) [%.0f]" 							{mqtt="<[mosquitto:Inverter_Information/Grid_Power_L1:state:default]"}
                        Frame label="Netzparameter L1" 
                        Text item= Grid_Voltage_L1  label="Phasenspannung L1 [%.1f V]" icon="energy"
                        Text item= Grid_Current_L1  label="Phasenstrom L1 [%.2f A]" icon="flow"
                        Text item= Grid_Power_L1    label="Phasenleistung L1 [%.1f W]" icon="poweroutlet"

I guess the problem is somewhere between mosquitto in the RPi3 background and the OH Items because i can subscribe the topic from an external app by using my phone that uses the server on the RPi @ where i can see that i have liek 155W right now.

Hope to get some infos

You chose to use the MQTT version 1 binding in your OH2 setup.

Now you are stuck, because v1 is no longer supported.

You’ll have to convert to v2 binding which use Things and channels config, you’ll find posts here to guide you.

You might want a read of this too before you encounter other snags.


Thank u both, that works.
Did not notice anywhere.


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