MQTT: Unit of Measurement is not applied when creating a item

Hi, there is this nice little feature that will apply “Unit” and “State Description Pattern” to new items when the “Unit Of Measurement” is defined in the Channel (MQTT Thing).
Unfortunately when creating the new item the settings are not made.

So for example:

  1. I have a “Generic MQTT Device” and define a new Channel with “UoM” = kWh.
  2. I create a new item and its already suggesting the right settings for “Unit” and “State Description Pattern”
  3. As soon as I create the item the Metadata settings are not made:

Does anyone have the same problem?
I am on openHAB 4.1.1. It does’t matter what browser I use.
Thank you in advance. BR

OK, I’m not going crazy.

I just saw that behavior this morning but haven’t had time to investigate further. I wasn’t sure if I messed something up or not.

Please file an issue on openhab-webuis. How to file an Issue

Did so, see here:

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