Mqtt value contact door causing trouble

this what i read on me front tail,
“[ab.binding.mqtt.generic.ChannelState] - Command ‘1’ not supported by type ‘OpenCloseValue’: No enum constant org.eclipse.smarthome.core.library.types.OpenClosedType.1”

actually i send to openhab value from broker Mqtt, these value is “0” or “1”

here is one item :

Contact EtatPorteArriere “Etat porte Arrière [%s]” (Salon,It_Group_Contact) {channel=“mqtt:topic:6b353ec8:EtatPorteArriere”}

i try to change to Number or String but same error

Any one have Idea ?

thanks for helping

Add a map transform to the Thing to convert the 1/0 to OPEN/CLOSED.

Or add a custom open/closed value as 0 and 1
The binding will automatically convert your 0/1 into closed/open or vice-versa

thanks for the help ! realy.
so i try with your tricks but same error so i move to my test rasberryPi3 on openhab 2.4 , i recreate the mqtt with the same type , and this time no error ! even i can convert the numeric value for exemple “0” simply by chose in the item file the type “Contact” or “Number” or “String” no error without mapping…, strange no ?