MQTT ver. 2.0?

Anyone working on a Mqtt binding for OH2?

A new one? There is one that works with OH2 already. I’ve been using it well for a few months now. No major hiccups.

There is?
I am using version MQTT binding version 1.9 that works ok but I have to define all my MQTT items in a .items file. Do you mean there is version 2.0 that shows up in Paper UI and can create mqtt things? Where can I find it?

There isn’t currently an auto generating mqtt binding.

Here’s a copypasta of my working mqt setup if it helps you at all.

Ok. I am in the process of upgrade my OH 1.8.3 system to OH 2 and run into this question of how to set up all my mqtt nodes. So, basically you are saying that I should continue to define my mqtt items using a .items file.,and not Paper UI?