MQTT2 - Split Bridge from Things in seperate files(?)

after decision to make a smooth transition to v3, i now start to organize the files a little more structured.
Something i did not like moving to MQTT2 is the fact that in my case i define bridge and the channels but did put ALL channels in the same file…

I would like to have e.g. a Bridge file and more seperate file defining the Channels related to this bridge…is this somehow possible or it HAS to be all related to a bridge in the same file within {} of the related bridge?


Bridge mqtt:broker:mosquitto [ host="",port=xxxx,secure=false,clientID="xxxxx" ] {
    Thing topic z2m "zigbee2mqtt" {
        Type string : TradfriSwitch01 "TradfriSwitch#01 [%s]" [ stateTopic="/z2m/Tradfri_Switch01", transformationPattern="JSONPATH:$.action" ]
        Type number : TradfriSwitch01_battery "TradfriSwitch#01 [%d %%]" [ stateTopic="/z2m/Tradfri_Switch01", transformationPattern="JSONPATH:$.battery" ]


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ah OK. thanks…so i have to define the exact Broker in the seperate things file…
like: mqtt:topic:myMQTTBroker:Absorbar

Well, yes, you wouldn’t want it guessing which broker to use, so you have to tell it the broker’s unique ID.

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