Mqttv1 incoming value addition in item

I’ve got a temperature item I think mis-reports possible by 9 degrees (C) each time.
Is there something I can add to the incoming MQTT state to add 9 to the incoming number (without using a rule or seperate .js file)

Yes I know mqttv1 is old, I’ve moving, but slowly…this is one of the items that slows down my move because of how the sitemaps etc are working for item selction.

Number			rm3_lounge_temperature				"Lounge Temp (RM3) [%.1f °C]"	<temperature>	(g_rm3_lounge_samsung,g_temperature) 

No. When you move to use Things and channels, you can apply an offset to the channel with a profile.
For v1 you are stuck with rule or js transformation, they don’t cost much.

Oh can you show me how? I have a partial thing for this device and could just put the temperate channel on it

You do it when creating an item

What does that look like as a thing/item file?

I don’t tend to do pointy/clicky interfaces

Then you should at least look at the docs (v2 docs have moved/archived)

or you might see how others do it

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