We are currently investigating home automation systems as part of a research project.
Have parameters such as MTBF and MTTR already been determined?

I doubt those have a great deal of meaning in openHAB context. You’d need to spell out what you consider a “fault” - a single light bulb failure? a missed weather warning?

openHAB is hosted on diverse hardware and operating systems, there isn’t much commonality between any two installations.
You can certainly get stories of people running openHAB without issue for many months. My own record (with OH version 1) is about 6 months, until a site mains power failure.

Equally, there will be stories of people who arrange daily reboots to overcome some difficulty. Perceived reliability can be greatly affected by user configuration choices, like badly written rules.

That’s an absolutely pointless question.
It does not make sense without a proper definition of what is subject to the question and what’s the implementation (HW at least).
So return to the design stage of your research project and think to create proper questions first, please.

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No, but it is a very good question!

To get the answers one have to look nearly at every little detail.
Like radio quality for every device in a mesh.
Measure offline time for devices when restarting.
And the list goes on… :slight_smile:

I would love to see the numbers for my installation.
To get to that point someone have to write software.

No it is not at all hence our first two replies.
Daß du das gern wüßtest heißt nicht daß das eine intelligente Frage war. Da spielt einem die deutsche Sprache leicht einen Streich.

The question was intentionally asked very openly.

We thought maybe someone has already measured a standard use case.

Standard use case:
MQTT sensors and a Raspberry pie

Suitable apps are also created for many systems, but quality-relevant characteristics cannot be found for any home automation system.

@mstormi do you have an idea what’s a good metric?

Which we dislike over here as it tends to mislead people, wasting their time. Let alone is was not even on openHAB. Please note that this is NOT a general purpose home automation forum.

How to ask a good question / Help Us Help You - Tutorials & Examples - openHAB Community

@mstormi, Nå tror jeg du må ta deg en bolle… :wink:

I do not see the harm in general questions and the followup discussion.
I do not see how this could mislead anyone.

I as a moderator do, particularly when it’s people to join the forum for this purpose only without an interest in openHAB.
It’s also part of the community guidelines.

That should be obvious. It’s qua nature of open questions.
Quick to ask, but any proper answer requires a substantial amount of efforts and time to compose.

This I do agree on.

So the question continues to be garbage. Which sensors and in what quantity? Sending data at what rate, and over what period of time? Which Raspberry Pi? Over what kind of network? With what other network traffic?


I was pondering what use the ‘standard’ case would be with no actors, only sensors.

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