Multi-Item Rules possible

i have a group of battery levels (VCC) for battery-driven ESP8266 modules which put their state in Volt every 10mins. What would be the smartest way to check these incoming states and react e.g. via email if any of them is LOW. (e.g., below 3,5V).

Is there a way to define rules that are on behalf of every item in a group to react per item and also send the email with the “name of the pointed battery”.

Like if BatteryKitchen is below 3,5V a email is sent like “Subject: BatteryKitchen is low”…so the rule kind of inserts the right BatteryName of the problematic item.

Hope its clear what I would like to achieve…my guess, the worst situation is that i have to define rules per BatteryItem…because this would be annoying whenever a new batteryItem comes in,…

Many Thanks

There are some options for triggering the rule depending on the version of openHAB that you are using. Take a look at the topic below for an overview.

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upps, sorry - forgot to mention - i’m already on 2.3dev. (sidenote: would never go back to 1.83 :slight_smile: )
From a first look - it seems to be what I was looking for. will dig deeper tonight! Thanks for the link!