Multi-Series Charts in OH3 HabPanel

OH3 is nice… In some ways much nicer than my old OH2 setup.

But one thing that perplexes me is multi-series support in the Charts… The docs for HabPanel look like they haven’t been updated since OH2. As the charts in it are clearly of OH2 design. Is there a HabPanel OH3 doc that explains how to get the new charts to show multiple series? The config only has a single dropdown option for the data… And while nice looking, it just doesn’t scale when you have 10 series to show (i.e. 10 graphs now needed).

I’ve searched & searched. But only found 1 other question and no answers… And no updated docs for the new OH3 Habpanel options.

Should I be looking somewhere else?


The docs haven’t been updated because HABPanel has not changed since OH 2.5. Everything is exactly the same, including the built in charting. The charts you see in OH 3 are only available in MainUI and not available in HABPanel.


Then I’m doing something wrong, or completely misreading the Habpanel docs (Which explicitly show a ‘chart’ widget). This is what my HabPanel graphs look like now (From a mariadb persistence - Same as I used for OH2)

This is what a graph looks like in the habpanel docs…

This is the settings for the chart on my OH3 (No separate series tab)

And the setup from 2.x (Separate series tab)

HABPanel has it own charting built into it. And it hasn’t changed. So what ever the docs say about charting in HABPanel is still valid. The only new charting in OH 3 is build into MainUI and only available in MainUI.

Since you’ve identified a discrepancy between OH 2.5 and OH 3 it is likely a bug that was introduced during the porting and you should file an issue. The actual functionality of HABPanel wasn’t intentionally changed.

Thanks for your time Rick, I will raise an issue on Github.


I found the problem.

It’s the Type…

The default type only shows a single series. Changing to n3-line-chart allows multiple series (As does rrd4j IIRC). TBH I don’t understand why there’s a difference. But at least now I know why the new graphs I created only allowed 1 series.

I’m pretty sure this isn’t documented (At least on the habpanel docs I got the example from above).


I believe the way to have multiple series with the default chart servlet is to put the desired items in a group, then select the group as the item you want to plot - it will add the members as separate series.

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