Multi user google home

hi. i have one raspberry pi that execute openhab for 2 houses. so i have 2 livingrooms 2 kitchens 4 bathrooms etc… it 's impossible to manage google assistant easy. i ve to say " turn livinglight x ON", “turn light bath x OFF” etc … it’s so difficult and sometimes i turn on light in the other house.
i have try to make 2 houses on google home with 2 different accounts but when i synchronize google i see all the items of openhab.
it’s also possible to have googlehome mini in one room that can execute the function in the room where is it?

thank you

As long as the mini is placed in the same room as the light you want to control within the Google home app you can just say turn lights on. You do not have to say the room name.

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thank you clinophobic. it’ s true that if i say turn the light on in the same room of google mini i don’t have to say the room name but i ve 2 lights, spot light e led light. if i say :turn led on google turn me all on. the same if i say turn spot on google turn me all on.
do you have any advice for me?

If you already tried with two separate Google Accounts then it should work when you only assign those devices to your one home that are located in that one house.

You could also try the dirty trick of only exposing the devices from one house in openHAB before you sync your devices, and afterwards again expose all of them.