Multi Zone Amplifier Control with Alexa

I am trying to set up my amp with Alexa and groups seem to not support multiple zones with their own volume, mute, power, source etc.

Anyone any ideas how to set this up?

I’m not sure if I understand your setup. Do you have an amplifier connected to Alexa and want to control it from openHAB or is your amplifier connected to openHAB and you want to control it with your voice from Alexa?

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The latter, it is connected to openhab and I want to set up Alexa Metadata tags - the type I think I need is Speaker, but this for example only supports one power, one mute etc (I think)

Im sure I can do it with multiple items, I was just seeing if there was a way to have it as a single Alexa endpoint with multi zone capabilities

If you can share your item definition, that would be be helpful. Also, why would you want multi-zone capabilities to be under one single endpoint? How do you expect to control the different zones by voice?

Im fully Ui - no item files - I dont think theres a way to get a text representation of them so will do screenshots:

“master” conrtrol - main power for Amp and two zone groups

“Main” zone (inside)

“Zone 3” (outside)

So essentially Id like to be able to say" Alexa change the Amplifier Outside Volume to 50",
“Alexa turn off the Amplifier Main zone (power)”

I can do it with multiple items to get waht i want but I am migrating my 2.5 to a new 3 OH instance and found I I can use the new Alexa metadata tags for a much tidier alexa with enpoints

You just need to expose each zone group as distinct group endpoints.

Yep fair enough was just seeing how far I can consolidate

Why would you want to consolidate when you want to control separately on the Alexa side as you indicated?

So it represents the objects in Alexa ui and openHAB model

It doesn’t really matter with voice and I had seperate “things” for everything in 2.5