Multiple Amazon Echo's - Sync Music/Audio

Not sure where to put this, but for those who don’t know music/audio synchronization between multiple Amazon Echos is near. The option is currently grayed out on my alexa app so I’ll have to wait for the update before I can test it. They stated Spotify support is coming.

EDIT - The reason I posted this here is that there should be “Connected Speaker APIs” coming soon as well.

Official Press Release:

The Verge:

Disconnect your echo from power, after connecting back it will update the firmware to the newest version …

Hmmm tried that and still the same message. According to the following link, I just have to wait some more:

According to this site, my 1st gen Echo’s are up to date with the most recent firmware:

I’m going to chalk it up to my Alexa app on my phone supports configuring multi-room music, but Amazon hasn’t officially released the updated firmware to the first gen units.