Multiple Chart and positioning of text in a custom widget

I have found this code for a widget.

<div class="widget">
	<div class="graph">
             ng-init='model=                {
                    "name": "CPU Load",
                    "sizeX": 12,
                    "sizeY": 6,
                    "item": "CPU_Load",
                    "type": "chart",
                    "row": 6,
                    "col": 0,
                    "charttype": "interactive",
                    "service": "rrd4j",
                    "period": "3D",
                    "axis": {
                        "y": {
                            "includezero": false
                    "series": [
                            "axis": "y2",
                            "display_line": true,
                            "display_area": true,
                            "item": "CPU_Load",
                            "name": "CPU Load",
                            "legend": false,
                            "color": "#FF0000"
				<div style="width: 100%; height: 250px">
					<widget-chart ng-model="model"></widget-chart>

Is it possible to show more values in this chart, like temperature of CPU or something like that?

And the second question is in this code:

<div class="row">
   <div class="col-xs-12"><span><widget-icon iconset="'eclipse-smarthome-classic'" icon="'window'" /></span>Fenster</div>
<div class="row" ng-repeat="item in itemsInGroup('Kontakt')">
  <div class="col-xs-9 text-right">{{}}</div>
  <div class="col-xs-3 text-left" ng-style="{ color: itemValue('ZU'?'green':'red' }">

How can i set the text beginning at the top left and a heading in the middle?
Thanks for help and Greetings,