Multiple config_decimal for zwave parameter updates

Hi @chris,

I updated the database for my YRD446 (link), with three config_decimal channels so that I can update parameters 2, 3, and 8. The xml (link) generates 3 channels listed as follows:

2: channel id="config_decimal_param2" typeId="yale_yrd446_00_000_config_decimal_param2"
3: channel id="config_decimal_param3" typeId="config_decimal"
8: channel id="config_decimal_param8" typeId="yale_yrd446_00_000_config_decimal_param8"

I think openhab doesn’t recognize the channel unless it is:

There is code further down:

 <channel-type id="yale_yrd446_00_000_config_decimal_param2">
    <label>Auto relock</label>
    <state pattern="%s">
        <option value="0">No auto-relock</option>
        <option value="255">Auto relock</option>

  <channel-type id="yale_yrd446_00_000_config_decimal_param3">
    <label>Auto relock time</label>
    <state pattern="%s">

So, I’m only getting one “Parameter” channel in openhab for parameter=3, and I also have a “Auto Relock” channel for parameter=2, but nothing for parameter=8 is generated or shows up in habmin.

Well, that shouldn’t be the case. The binding definitely uses other channel and other channels are defined for the config as you see below. These are defined like this to provide the options that are available in the parameter in the state descriptions.

Ok, so not just config_decimal then? Auto relock is using the yale_yrd446_00_000_config_decimal_param2 channel.

I guess the real issue is just that you’re missing parameter 8? This is because there is no channel definition in the file. I’m not sure why this is and I’ll need to dig into the exporter code. I’ll look at this in the morning along with the protection exporter.

I see that now. Thanks for clarifying and for all of your help with this.

I’ve updated the exporter and it looks correct now -: