Multiple connections to a single Satel alarm system by ETHM


This is my first post on the openHAB forum. With some help, I’ve setup openHAB on a Pi4 and started to play around with it.

I’m currently using Fibaro HC2 as my controller. The HC2 has a plug-in for Satel which I am using.

On testing I couldn’t get the openHAB binding for Satel to work, until I accidently disconnected the HC2 connection to my Satel alarm system.

It looks like, based on my current config, that I can only have 1x connection to the Satel ETHM1 at a time.

I also tried from Node-RED and could only have 1x connection at a time.

As I migrate, it would be invaluable to have at least two of the three systems connected concurrently to Satel, if not all three (HC2, openHAB and Node-RED).

Does anyone know if it’s possible, and if so, can you please share how to configure it to work?


Satel ethm1 a d ethm1plus accepts only one connection. Trash you fibaro hc and migrate to oh :wink:

Migration fro hc3 to oh is my story.

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Ah, I see you have used Fibaro then :wink:

Thanks for the response. It’s annoying two connections can’t work at the same time, but I’ll manage with the migration one way or the other.

YouTube however has been playing tricks with my mind by suggesting Home Assistant videos to watch recently.

Can you tell me what swayed you to openHAB given the feeling I get of momentum behind Home Assistant?

PS: I have already read a lot about the stability issues with Home Assistant, hence I’m posting on this forum first, and maybe only.

I’ve join some HA groups from Facebook, mostly looking for inspiration, like new ways of connecting home to home automation. Those groups are very active, more than those for OH. But the content I am reading there is mostly on tinkering around issues raised after yet-another-update. It is not, however, objective thought on the topic. I have choosed OH because I am the Java guy since the Sun was the sun.