Multiple Fritz!Box devices

I have multiple Fritz!Box devices, currently I am interested in two of them for call monitoring and one of them for MAC address monitoring.

I have a 7490 that has two phones attached and connects to my main internet connection, it is therefore used to monitor for MAC addresses for presence detection. This is the one I monitor today successfully.

I would like to extend the monitoring to monitor my 7390 which is used to provide access point services and also another phone.
however, I am not sure how to set the services file up to accomplish this feat, I have already duplicated my items files and prepender a LR to the item name and to the channel names for each item, hopefully this is the right direction.

Can it be done? if so how?



Are you able to advise how the services cfg file can be setup to work with multiple debivrs? Perhaos an example from your setup?

Maybe you did not read the link provided to that issue:

It is not possible to add more than one fritzbox to that binding.
In addition to that: it seems that further development of that binding has ceased … unfortunately

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You’re correct I had not seen the link and ergo had not followed it.
Now that I have, I am wondering if the owner has now time when he did not previously. And if not if the code is open source and can be forked and improved?
It seems I may not bot be the only benefactor of support for multiple devices.



Go ahead :grinning::heart_eyes: