Multiple Kodi things keep changing IPs

I have two Kodi media centers and have both listed as things however one of my kodi things keeps changing IPs to the other one - is there any way to stop this?

Did you try to disable auto discovery?



Give both Kodi’ static ip from the router, to be sure that plugin will know them.

edit: Actually, this problem will be recurring in other UPNP ‘clients’ - if one kodi box is image (clone) of the other, they will have same uuid (identification code). To fix this, you should login into box by ssh/telnet and edit uuid in:



Ok that might be it as I did copy userdata from one to the other

Will try this and report back

Hey @Vlad1024 - can confirm that my things have stayed put since changing the uuid in upnpserver - you actually have solved a long standing mystery that since I brought the other Kodi instance into the mix, I was never able to cast to either device from my Windows 10 box - which now works as well - same issue! Thanks for your advice.

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OK i take that back - problem has reoccurred…

Did you check if IPs are correct?

not sure what you mean - the kodi thing changes the IP. I have since set the binding to stop discovering and so far so good

I think you should use static IPs for the boxes. They might get mixed if dhcp of the router gives them random IPs (they might got each other up addresses).
Can you give screenshots for both situations - correct and reversed discovery?

They are static - when I say they are changed - the already discovered kodi thing in paperUI changes IP. Doing both the UUID and changing runtime.cfg so far has worked. If It happens again I will screenshot some stuff.