Multiple LMS servers

Just a quick question that I can’t seem to find an answer for… I am increasingly using a network of Openhab servers (Openhabian, several in different docker containers) - somewhat for experimentation, and for redundancy, failover, different functions, etc. I also have multiple LMS servers and players (mostly squeezelite). Is there any way within the binding to switch the various players to use different servers from within OH, or do I need to statically set these within the LMS interface so that certain servers only see certain players? It may be a nice feature request to be able to set which LMS server controls which player in the UI just like the sync/unsync capabilities.

Sorry for the delay in responding. It’s an interesting request, but it’s not clear to me how this could be done from within openHAB. And, unfortunately, as this is not a feature that many people have asked for (in fact you are the first one), it’s not something that would justify an investment of my time.