Multiple notifications on iOS devices (myopenHAB)


I use myopenHAB with notifications on different events/rules. As I have 3 iOS devices I’m logged in to the App with the same account on all 3 devides.
Now, 2 of these devices show every notification twice. Always. Even for the “openHAB is offline/online” messages.
One of the devices shows it only once, as I would expect.
It’s not related to the iOS version and I also tried to clear the cache in the app.

Does anyone have the same issue, and know how to solve it?


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@viktor_Sc, I also experience this problem using the PROWL action. My rules contain only one sendNodification statement, however my log shows that two notification actions occur.

I am running OpenHAB2 on a RaspberryPi
The Prowl Action is installed
I have defined a switch item that allows me to turn the notifications on and off as follows:

Switch Mice "Mouse detection"

My rule is as follows:

        Item Node14_MouseDetector changed from OFF to ON
        if (Mice.state == ON) {
                pushNotification("MyProwlAPI_UUID","Alarm","Mice on the stairs!")

Any ideas about what is going on?

The OP was about myopenhab notification, you are using PROWL. You should start an own thread on sch question.
Did you check with a logInfo-line in your rule wether or not the rule is actuallly run twice??

In my case a fresh installation helped. Maybe just clearing the cache would also, but I don’t know.


Thanks @viktor_Sc. I would very much like to avoid having to reinstall everything. Hopefully someone else can help.

Hi @opus. Agree on starting a separate thread. I did not check with a loginfo line, however two entries show up in the log regarding the notification. Probably good to put the loginfo line in to see what that turns up. Will do it and post results in a separate thread.

FWIW, I changed the rule, had it execute, and then changed the rule back to the way it was before, and the double notifications stopped.