Multiple sitemaps on different devices

I do not know if it possible or not, maybe @Kai can comment on it. So I Love openhab, and hence I have it on my boat, our family cabin and in my flat. So 3 different locations, 3 different networks(2 4g negtwork). I just use hue_emulator, gpio, and netatmo bindings on rpi2 with openhabian(after i upgraded to OH2). In each location I stuck a tablet on the wall and amazon echo as control panels.

So currently I have 3 myopenhab accounts(3 different emails) and all is working fine,however it is a bit annoying on my phone(which I carry around with me most of the time) to always swap username for openhab, to check if all is fine(look at temperatures, alarms etc) for the 3 locations.

So it would have been awesome if it in the future would be possible to have multiple sitemaps in myopenhab where each sitemap is running on its own oh2 server.

I guess its more people than me that would like to have OH running on several locations, I guess one OH server will not work, because you want to have everything working in case internet goes down.

Maybe the following (dirty) trick can do it: each openHAB identifies itself by the uuid and the secret. If you copy those files from one installation to all of your others installations I would assume that they appear as only one installation on the cloud. If this works you only have to make sure that your sitemaps and probably all items have unique names.

I did not test it so I am not absolutely sure whether it really works this way.

Cool, will try it. I guess the unique names only needs to be for the items that you send to openhabcloud service or maybe all?

I will start renaming all my items duplicates if someone else can confirms that this work, or I install another OH tonight on a new rpi to test it out.( Its so easy to install OH2 now with openhabian :slight_smile: )

I would also assume that it is sufficient to make the names of the “public” items unique.

In a nutshell, what you are asking for is multi OH-instance support within openhab-cloud (what is used on So I would suggest to create a feature request at - or maybe even directly implement a PR yourself (or find someone to do it) :slight_smile:

@Kai ok, do you know if the trick @MHerbst will work?

This functionality is very, very short supply.

@Olymp What do you mean?

Hello! I need this opportunity!

You could also run several instances of HabDroid on your phone.

Hi, did you find any solution to this problem? I would like to access two openhab installations (one in my cabin and one in my home) from the same account. Is this possible?

I still do not know how to do it. Perhaps you need to use the advice of Kai:

But I can not do this, because my English is quite bad (google translator). I just can not explain what I need :frowning: