Multiple target change states in rules

Openhabian 3.2

Hello there,
I wondered, what would be the easiest way to check if an item matches a couple of different states in a rule.
The basic idea I had was to just add comma-separated states to the “changed to” section of the trigger, but as far as I understand the documentation, this does not seem to be supported. Could this be realized with a condition?

If this is not possible, I would strongly suggest adding this to the rule engine, as this seems to be a helpful use case.
PS: I am using the basic rules in the main UI.

Thanks for any advice!

The triggers in rules are all always OR, so in this case you just need to add a separate trigger for each state. If item has state A, If item has state B. etc.

Thanks, might still be useful to add a faster way to achieve this
EDIT: I actually did this with a switch item and the map transformation
way easier