Multiple types for a channel

Is it possible to have a single channel and bind it to items of several types?
Or if I need that I need to manually create N versions of the channel with intValue, stringValue, …

My use case is for a query addon that I’m developing where I have a result channel that can return arbitrary values. I initially defined the channel with String type, and I thought that there was some automatic conversion logic that will allow it to link to other items types.
But when I tried to define a link with a new item it only allows String item types.

I’ve not seen the code so may be wrong but based on how bindings like MQTT and the new HTTP binding work I’d surmise the answer is no. You will have to define a separate channel for each Item type. It does appear you might have some leeway with quantity types (I. e. one Number type channel can support all the Quantity Types).

I think this is also why the transform Profiles only work with String Items.

You could return your same result to multiple channels, i.e. number type and string type and datetime type and …
Look see how Modbus binding does this for a “data Thing”.
Multiple data results channels exist alongside admin channels like 'last write error".
Users do not have to link them. I think bindings may be able to detect unused channels and skip processing, although parsing into different datatypes isn’t much of a chore I would think.

That rather depends on your structure having a Thing representing your query, that you can hang many channels off.

Thank you to both @rlkoshak and @rossko57
With your response I see that I must define a channel for type , then internally there’s no problem with only mantaining internally one result.