Multiple ZWave USB sticks in one system -> to which to include?

I have one Zstick Gen5 with ~100 nodes, which is becoming quite busy, especially due to collecting load data from Home Energy Meter (high electricity prices in Europe you see). I thought to balance the load by adding one aeotec zstick 7 and move the heavy traffic nodes to it to avoid too much delays and latency with the rest.
In theory I thought this would be easy and would create no hassle, but since the zstick7 does not have the handy inclusion/exclusion button on it, I have to rely on openhab’s inclusion.

But, how can I define which of the two zwave controllers goes into inclusion mode? Is there a clean way of doing this?
As a workaround, maybe using another system to trigger the inclusion on the new stick and then attach the stick back to the openhab machine? Any possible issues with that?

I’m not sure this will make any difference. You will still have exactly the same load - the same level of traffic will be on the ZWave RF channel, and the same traffic will be processed by the binding. The only difference is there will be 2 sticks and this doesn’t change the loading.

You should ensure that your devices are configured not to send data unless there is a meaningful change in the electricity reading, and not just send reports every X seconds regardless. This is the best way to reduce the loading on the network.

True, having another controller would have no impact on the RF, but wouldn’t it reduce the load of the controller?
Went to this thinking due to seeing the Gen5 controller’s blinking being stuck and a lot of latency / no reports at all from the network. Reducing the reporting did help a bit thou and apparently it seems the system is only stuck every so often, not all the time. Maybe result of something else or many nodes reporting simultaneously.

But, I take it’s not possible to define which one of the networks would be in inclusion mode?

Yes, but to be honest I would be surprised if the controller can’t handle the traffic. If the traffic is too high, then there will likely be RF problems since they will still use the same channel.

No - in OH it is only possible to put the binding into inclusion mode, and not to control a specific controller. I think therefore that the core will enable discovery on all bridges linked to a binding.

This is a moot point based on Chris’s comments above, but I don’t think the 700 series controllers are supported in OH at this time.

Moving a bit off the original topic

After further investigation and dropping the “heavy load” devices from the network the usb stick is still sluggish as heck.
Even getting the network to initialize takes ages, couple of hours and still not done.

Seems there must be something funky with the controller, maybe the only cure is to reset the controller and dig through every connection box and sensor to re-include the nodes. :cry:
@chris is there anything specific I could pull from the logs to try to get to the bottom of this?

If you want to provide a log, I’m happy to take a quick look to see if I can see anything, but I wouldn’t recommend trying to pull out just certain bits as in these sort of overload issues, the full picture is important. If you can provide a few minutes or something of log, that would probably be useful - anything up to around 5MB of log would be fine.