Must i use a Hue Bridge?

Hi all, i am running OH2 with the RFXCOM binding and the Hue Emulator. i was hoping i could control the single Hue bulb I’ve just bought using either RFXCOM or the Hue Emulator, is this possible? can’t see that it is :frowning:

I also have an Alexa which is what I’m currently using the Hue Emulator for.



I’m not an expert on Hue but the docs say

The Hue bridge is required

RFXCOM provides support for 433 Mhz protocols, not Zigbee so it won’t help.

Hue Emulation is a way to make openHAB look like Hue devices to Alexa, not a way to control Hue devices. So that won’t help either.

Without the “Hue bridge” you cannot send commands to Hue devices, 1gen hue bridge are available real cheap and works pretty well (except the homekit integration)… other option is you can get a RGBW bulbs that works on 433 Mhz (there are many RGB lights avaialble) that you can directly control using OH and RFXCOM. I think inlcuding Milight should work … need to confirm

aah ok thanks :slight_smile: