My experience upgrading from openHAB 2.3.0-1 to 2.4.0-1

‘apt.get update’ and ‘apt-get upgrade’ run fine.
All bindings were restarted and started to operate normally, except zwave.
I then performed the procedure recommended by Chris (see here). That is, I removed all zwave devices except the Controller.
I uninstalled the zwave binding and reinstalled it, now in version 2.4.
I launched a new discovery with the new zwave binding and all the devices were recreated with the same node already known in version 2.3.
Some devices (batteries) even after starting correctly with model, manufacturer, etc. did not communicate correctly with the controller.
In particular, they did not update the values ​​of their items, nor did they accept configuration changes (they remained in Pending).
I woke the devices manually, waited several hours, repeated the process several times (remove, uninstall, reinstall, discovery) and the result was always the same.
Finally, I decided to remove these devices, to RESET them and then to discover them again. This time they were recreated as new nodes. Then, after edited items file with the new nodes numbers, everything worked as expected.