My Hue LUX shows wired behavior in brightness & status

Hello all,
I’ve received my starter set of Hue LUX and configured them according to the Wiki on Github. But I observed the following quirks:

  1. Switching the item to ON uses a very low brightness which varies between 17 and 45. But the lights never go really bright. Can I set the initial brightness value when turning the bulb on?
  2. The Switch item sometimes looses its status and sets back to UNINITIALIZED. Checking the events.log, the last event was indeed the ON with no later update. But checking rest API of the item, its in state UNINITIALIZED. Thus the slider for brightness is not shown in the UI. Turning the bulb off and on again, then shows the brightness slider.

Heres my config:

Switch wz_kugellampe_1   	  "Kugellampe" 				<hue> 	(gEG_Lichter)	{hue="2"}
Dimmer wz_kugellampe_1_dim    "Dimmer Kugellampe [%d %%]"    <hue>              		        {hue="2,brightness;70"}


Switch item=wz_kugellampe_1
Slider visibility=[wz_kugellampe_1==ON] item=wz_kugellampe_1_dim    

Any thoughts how to rectify this are appreciated.
Thanks much.

I have a few hue lamps and strips and my findings are:
When you use a switch to turn on any Hue light, the brightness will be of the last brightness setting for that lamp. I have also found that the slider for that light however will show 100% and does not reflect the real value of the lamp brightness. If you touch the slider at 100%, the actual brightness of the lamp goes to 100%. Move slider to around 50% and switch off/on using the switch, the lamp switches on at 50% but the slider shows 100%…

I think it might be a bug in the hue binding…