My nest devices doesn't appear in channel

I’m a beginner of OH in Japan. I use OH to connect my Hue and Roomba at home, and also use MQTT’s Add-on to connect my original sensors. I glad to join this community, nice to meet you.

Today, I have a question about Nest Binding.
I use two Google Nest Cam and Google Nest Doorbell at my home.
I tried to connect to OH, but it’s not working.
I followed the documentation to set up the Nest Binding.

I complete to configure Nest SDM Account and status show online.
However, Nest devices doesn’t appear in the channel and following message is displayed.
"This thing has no channels. Either the thing type doesn’t define channels, or they may be detected and appear later."I reconnected the Nest devices with the Google Home App, but these still couldn’t be bound on OA.
What is the solution? Also, has anyone had a similar problem before?

I was having a similar issue but it seems with a manual scan I can find my thermostat.

  1. Go into Things on the Openhab GUI
  2. Open your Inbox
  3. Click Add
  4. Select “Nest Binding”
  5. Click “Scan”

This found my thermostat

I was able to successfully connect Nest devices.Thanks a lot !

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