My new Smart Home Automation System with OpenHab2 - Work in progress -> Migrating to OpenHAB3 -> Migrating to OpenHAB 4

Not as elegant as @ThomDietrich sollution and not even as part of my home automation system but I already have a time controlled plug attached to my coffee machine so when I get up I find my coffee ready.
Preparation is done before I go to sleep.

Very very useful if you run on “automated mode” when you wake up!!!

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Very nice look!

How did you put the check mark and the X mark after status?
Did you “map” the status and in the “map” text you include the image (as html <img> element)?

It’s part of the mapping yes, however it’s way easier. Unicode for the win:

:heavy_multiplication_x: ✓ ♬ ☼

@Confectrician I feel ashamed for still not having written the README file -.-

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Very clever! Easy and clever!

To chime in on the coffee talk…:wink:

I’m using the WEMO coffemaker and binding and love the fact that:

  1. I Can trigger the brewing process via Alexa or via a sitemap.
  2. A TTS alert is given when the coffee brewing process is complete. “Madame…your coffee is ready!”
  3. A TTS alert is given at 9pm if the coffee maker needs to be refilled and set up for the following morning (sometimes we forget!)
  4. Reminder are given when it’s time to swap out the charcoal filters.

To me, these are great, simple, fun ways to get serious WAF and allow one to continue to explore OH.



Didn’t count on me unfortunately! :disappointed:

Here I am again, with a little modification to my OpenHAB network monitoring service.

I replaced all my rules regarding single device to monitor with a single rule based on a new group.

In this way It’s easier adding a new device to the monitor.

I also added the new group to my sitemap

New photo by Marco “marcolino76” Lamanna

As usual, details on my blog

New mailbag arrived from China, full of new cool stuffs…

New photo by Marco “marcolino76” Lamanna

Keep going on…

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just learned something about persistence services.

I chose InfluxDB also for its easy integration with Grafana and I used groups to manage persistence strategies…I hope it’s the right way :slight_smile:


Hey Marco!

Looks good! InfluxDB + Grafana is also (still) a great choice.

Regarding persistence: This is an ongoing debate. There are basically two points of few and here’s mine: Read here to learn about the idea of physical and logical groups. If you do it right you’ll create two hierarchies spanning all your items. One hierarchy going top-down through your whole house on a physical perspective, one hierarchy slicing vertically through all items covering them on a logical perspective.

If you do that right, your e.g. Livingroom_Temperature sensor will be part of the Livingroom group and the Temperatures group.

You’ve now reached a point where similar items are covered by logical groups. These groups can now be added to the persistence config.

In my personal opinion defining gPersistence1d doesn’t make much sense as you would need to modify an item each time you want to add or remove or change something related to persistence. You’ve successfully mixed two worlds that ideally should (and very easily can, see above) stay separate… :wink:

Thanks @ThomDietrich for reading and trying to explain things to a new openhaber :slight_smile:

If I’m not wrong I understand that it’s not useful to manage groups only related to persistence but I have to link persistence strategy to “logical” groups of items. It is correct?

I have a garden lamp controlled by a sonoff basic, through MQTT and OpenHAB (item called Garden_Light_1Lamp).
I would add to this item a new group called gLightSwitchGarden which belongs to gLightSwitch and gGarden groups. Now I understand that this seems to be not the best thing to do…Maybe I would add directly gLightSwitch and gGarden to Garden_Light_1Lamp to keep separated the logical and physical grouping.

Then, I will add persistence strategy to gLightSwitch group. In this way all items which belong to gLightSwitch group will use the same persistence strategy. But what if I have a new gLightSwitch item with a different persistence strategy? I could add directly this item to a new persistence strategy? It will override the group one?


Waiting for my groups reorganization (thanks @ThomDietrich for the suggestions) I tried Grafana.

A very powerful tool to manage data visualization…

I made a test dashboard on my system

New photo by Marco “marcolino76” Lamanna

using InfluxDB as datasource to read data from OpenHAB

New photo by Marco “marcolino76” Lamanna

As usual, details here:

Hello everybody, just a step forward in my configuration. I built my first sensor device :slight_smile: using an ESP8266 board (NodeMCU) as MCU, a DHT11 for humidity, a ds18b20 for temperature and a MQ-4 for gas detection…

New photo by Marco “marcolino76” Lamanna New photo by Marco “marcolino76” Lamanna

The firmware I wrote send sensor data as json formatted string to MQTT broker…Then I setup OpenHAB with new items linked to MQTT using the same topic used by the device.

So, my sitemap now shows these values.

New photo by Marco “marcolino76” Lamanna

then I built a new grafana dashboard to graphs these values

New photo by Marco “marcolino76” Lamanna

Details here



Hello everybody, I’m back!!!

I tried to build an interface to integrate my home alarm system with OpenHab…just to get its status…not to control it

I used Raspberry PI 3 GPIO with GPIO binding in OpenHAB.

Here is a post about the idea and the description of the project.



I wrote the second part of my little project about home alarm and OpenHAB.

I just built what I described in the previous post.

GPIO binding works very well…I’m very satisfied with it…

Comments and suggestions are welcome

Here I am again…after a little pause :slight_smile:

I’m trying to build an energy monitor for my home…using a PZEM-004T device with Arduino or NodeMCU and then using MQTT to send data to OpenHAB

As usual, details on my blog


Hi all, I have an Openhab architecture including 433 mhz and zwave devices, MQTT, and so on. Now I discovered Sonoff but I’d like to avoid to delete the original firmware since the eWeLink app presents interesting features. I guess a new ad hoc binding would be a good solution for a standard use of the Sonoff devices. Does anyone know if there is anything cooking on this topic? Thanks

I’m back…my experiment on energy monitor keep going on…

I replaced Arduino UNO with an ESP8266 Lolin NodeMCU…and it works…



Then I edited the software to integrate MQTT protocol…now I’m ready for the OpenHAB integration :slight_smile:

Details on my blog

My energy monitor - the definitive release :slight_smile:

Finally I integrated in OpenHAB and Grafana my MQTT enabled device for energy consumption monitor.


The device is up and running in the main floor of my house. My target is to build other two device to monitor upper and lower floor.

Details here


Hey Marco,

was you successful sending integrating PZEM as openHAB thing?