My OH3 machine doesn't recognize a New-One N4001 smart plug

I just purchased a New-One N4001 smart plug and my OH3 machine doesn’t recognize what it is. I can detect its MAC and that it’s a “GENERIC_TYPE_SWITCH_BINARY”, but only says it is an unknown device and doesn’t know how to create a channel for it.

How does one go about fixing such a situation? Is that an OH3 fix or a Zooz stick fix, or both?

I assume it is a ZWave device. In the ZWave database there is an entry for a device that matches your information: NIE Technology N4001 Mini Smart Plug

The database entry was added in January and is included in the OH 3.3 Milestone 1 release. Hence you have two ways forward:

  1. Update to OH3.3M1 or newer
  2. Use the binding snapshot for the ZWave binding from one of the milestone version of OH3.3 by placing it in the add-on-folder. Descriptions for how to do that can be found in the forum. But I will help if necessary :wink:

To double check that the database entry is valid for your device, please check for the XML file in the ZWave folder (should be something like “lib/openhab/zwave” and post it here. Or check it yourself in the database entry linked above.

network_c4d217dc__node_13.xml (8.6 KB)
Looks to me that your linked device info is correct, the xml of what my system does know is attached. I’ve downloaded the full 3.3 snapshot from the download page and written an SD card from the image. Do I need to put it in a Pi to let it it build a new system before proceeding, or is what I need already in a folder as-is? Or…am I off track in my thinking? (that thinking being I’ll be copying a folder/file(s) from the new image to the 3.2 filesystem, versus simply downloading a file from some obscure-to-me location) I’m pretty much a noob with non-web-interface activity here and I’m hesitant to go for broke with a version upgrade since 3.3 appears to be more or less a beta from the way it’s listed on the download page.


Please follow instructions on:
How to update binding from Snapshot using Karaf console? .

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Geez I hate being stupid…but–

What/where the heck is “Karaf”? I’m assuming that the command “bundle:list whatever” and “bundle:update whatever” leverage it somehow as typing “bundle:list whatever” results in a command not found bash error (as I would expect) and the examples don’t look like a Linux command line prompt. Typing the name as either “Karaf” or “karaf” gives me the same error. Nor can I find any reference to Karaf in the myriad extras available within the web interface. Is it loaded on a “stock” image and I just don’t know how to invoke it (either CLI or web), or do I have to some sort of apt-get sequence, or…?

Oh, wait…I found it. Took me a while, but I finally found it. Proceeding…

And FINALLY it’s updated and functional! Quite the learning process for me. Thank-you so much for the assistance!

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