My OpenHAB 3.0 Log Viewer link IP-address is wrong


I’m a new OpenHAB 3.01 user (happy with it) and I have the following problem:

The link on the “Other-Apps” Sidebar to the Log viewer (fronttail) has the wrong (old) ip-address.
The link refers to:
But my actual static ip-address of my openhab device is If I enter the correct Ip-address in my browser address bar it works.
Where can I change the link?

thanks Martin

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Look at the end of the runtime.cfg, to be found in the services folder.


Had exactly the same problem, now it is working like it should. Thanks

Btw…I got no idea how this url was created


Thank you Jürgen for the fast help.
I changed the IP in the /etc/openhab/services/runtime.cfg as you told and it worked.