My openHAB Config


I justed wanted to let you know that I put my productive openHAB config onto github.
It’s definitely not the most beautiful code but I think it should help get you started :smile:

you can find it at
please feel free to ask if there are any questions regarding the setup!

Right now I’m using the following bindings:

  • Pushover notifications
  • Homematic
  • MySensors
  • RFXCOM - enables switching of cheap powerplugs like Intertechno
  • XBMC - every TV has one with a central MariaDB on the NAS
  • MQTT (attached to the mosquitto server running on the same RPi)

Of course I would love to get feedback on how I could improve it as well as I’m still trying to wrap my head around Java and Xtext :smile:


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If there is not already there should be a wiki page with links to all the github configurations people share.

yeah there is one in the sidebar. but I’d prefer a classic page since the sidebar is already very “bloated” :confused:
I don’t feel to be the right person to create such page, but I’ll gladly add the configs I’ve found over time on github that proved to be rather good.

Can’t find it, could you please share the link?

Thx a lot.

Just go to and scroll down till the end. Right above the “Release Notes” section is the “Samples” Area. :smile:
Hope this helps.


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Thanks for sharing! I like the toothbrush part :wink:

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Ahhh, thanks. I definetly remember that page, but never scrolled down to the bottom …


Is it possible to modify configurations to use openhab 2 network binding for sending commands to a network device.

I have a esp8266 with mdns responder with hostname esp8266.local. I added this hostname using network binding gui in openhab 2 and it is able to detect that the device is reachable and its presence gets set to online. I was wondering if this network binding could be used to automatically discover this mdns server hostname and for sending commands to esp8266.

It would be really great if you could tell me how to approach this issue.

Thanks and regards

I only tried openHAB2 a few weeks ago and failed miserably, so I am not 100% sure if I can answer properly.
From what I gather the esp8266 is basically presenting itself as a network device via WLAN and can be pinged, am I right?

The networkhealth binding is only used for pinging or testing ports on devices and not for sending commands, for this you could try to use the TCP Binding.

If you just want to set the hostname for the device you might just want to use DHCP? :wink:


I see you using MySensors and MQTT… Did you happen to look into the MQTT Client Gateway?

I’d much prefer to run Mosquitto on my OpenHAB box than use the MQTT broker in the MQTT Gateway but I just couldn’t get it to work :frowning:

You got any info/pics of the sensors you have created? I’ve just got some Humidity/Temp sensors, haven’t tried battery powered sensors yet…


Yes. I tried Yveaux’s and even wrote a puppet module for the installation of the whole SerialGateway + MqttGateway but I ran into troubles with the reception. At first I thought it might be caused by the RPi running in the cellar. So I created a MqttGateway running on the Arduino and moved it to the groundfloor.
But I’m still thinking about returning to the RPi variant (especially when Arduino and RPi codebase will be merged ). For now I’m only using the mqtt gateway for receiving data from the sensors but I already built the SceneController to test sending status data from OpenHAB to the display but no luck yet.

You can find the sketches I’m using on but they are just the basic ones from the examples. Battery powered sensors are still on my ToDo List :smile:

I originally built a gateway with a Wiznet w5100 ethernet shield (clone), but then it’d stop responding after about 15 mins so I ended up going with the serial gateway connected to my Pi via USB serial. I understand there are some troubles with those shields as my experience is not uncommon (generally…not specifically to do with use as gateway) I’ve ordered a few of the ENC28J60 modules to see if I have better luck. The serial gateway works great, but I’m far more familiar with comms over IP rather than via serial so I’m really hoping the new ethernet modules work well and I can replace my serial setup with an MQTT one talking to Mosquitto on my Pi.