My.openHAB down?

I haven’t been able to access the site for the past few hours. Is the service down or is it just me?

Well, it seems that it just came back up. I’m surprised I haven’t seen any other mentions of the service being down though. This is the first time I’ve seen it down.

Down again?


Back to normal. Sorry for inconvenience. A memory leak caused it to eat all memory but it was reachable for monitoring for quite a long time so I was not alerted about it :frowning:

still down :sweat:

is my.openhab down now?

It is down

Sorry, but it seems myopenhab is down again. I am unable to logon to the site this morning. Is there a better forum for checking the status of the site? Is this the best method to notify you issues?

I noticed that the last update in the online event log is about 5h ago that is not the same of my local event.log. I didn’t change anything in my configuration and my addons (1.8.1) are still there. Is there any issue?

It is down

log stopped yestreday evening

Can anyone explain the frequent outages lately? It seems like a daily occurrence now. Since there is no status page, it’s not clear whether anyone is aware of the outages.

I remember reading that authentication may not be available in OH2, so I’m concerned about not having remote access when the service is down.

Looks like its down again. @Kai I have a monitoring system that I can add the page to if you would like to receive notifications when it goes down. If it would be useful.


Please note that @belovictor maintains the service. He has set up Pingdom to receive notifications - the problem is rather the limited time he has to do a 24/7 service…

I am also very concerned about this and we honestly have to find a solution to improve the reliability of the service. This will be one major topic to discuss for the new charity organisation that will soon replace the openHAB UG; this new org will have to either create a team that jointly runs and supports the service or to decide to close it down (which would be very unpleasant, but on the long run probably still better than an overly unreliable operation).

I will just add that I am very committed to not letting my.openhab shut down! I think it’s very important to our community. I’m sure there are others ( like @d0t ) who are willing to help. Kai , I get the feeling there’s a lot of stress on you right now with everything going on, but I’m very optimistic we can make this work!

How can you tell? Just because I am writing my mails at 2am? :expressionless:
But yes, ftr: With @digitaldan and @d0t there is a good chance to keep this service going! Many thanks in advance already :grinning:

I wouldn’t mind helping out. I’m a SysAdmin of 15 years. Also if the
problem is a service getting restarted or something the monitoring system I
use can do that.


Cheers to that, Kai! :sunglasses: I am glad to help however possible.

Great, @kirk_mccann, I’ll make sure to keep you in the loop when we set up the new team!

Is the service up? I am not able to login…