my.openHAB is very slow?

Hi everyone, is it just me or the my.openHAB service really slow?

My internet connection at home is pretty good and connecting to my machines via RDP or TeamViewer is lightening quick.

When I access my default sitemap above from an external network it just takes forever… It does eventually load up but that’s after like a minute. I’m assuming the actual data being sent/received is really small so it should be quick…

Maybe someone could enlighten me on why this could be and maybe point out some possible solutions?
Or maybe it is just slow and there’s nothing that can be done?

I can’t answer. I just ran a test and it loaded my sitemap through my.openhab as quickly as it does when I’m on my LAN. I know that my.openhab has experienced some intermittent outages and other problems, maybe you were just testing during a system problem…

Hey Rich, yeah it’s MUCH slower than when I’m on my LAN…
I’ll keep testing it out and see if it improves.

have you found anything on this. it has been painfully slow for me since monday.

I have 2 webcam streams deep in my sitemap and I wonder if the browser actually loads the full sitemap each time meaning it’s loading the webcam images too.

When I’m remote I just need to access a few things so when I have time I’m going to create a simple little site map and see if the speed improves…

Just confirming that with a special site map just with a few important items for remote access the speed is much quicker!

Interesting to know. This implies that it requires all of your IP cam streams to start up before it finishes loading the sitemap. I have one IP cam stream on my sitemap but eventually plan on upping that with at least two more in the coming months. This could change how I intend on using them.

my.OH only proxies requests from mobile apps back to your openHAB. Mobile apps doesn’t load the whole sitemap, they browse it page by page. Technically the speed of loading depends on the size of the document (sitemap page), but those pages are quite small themselves. I deployed a performance improvement on my.OH today so it should be faster now (persistence item updates were overloading the machine making all requests slow, now it seems to be fixed).

I don’t use the mobile apps very much… I use the classic UI on my phone and that does seem to take much longer if you have images etc in your sitemap.

Well, Classic UI should work faster now too. But I would recommend to use mobile apps cause they do icon caching and basically I only test my.OH against mobile apps and Paper UI (OH2).

Is there any update? I’m trying IOS app and continues being too slow.

The problem discussed in this thread have long since been fixed. Given the age of this thread you would be better off starting a new thread and explain exactly what you are seeing.

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