My.Openhab issues?

in the last 2 days I’m noticing that the online eventlog is not refreshing. The event log has not been updated for the entire day yesterday, it started to log in the evening for a while and than stopped again. Today I can see few lines at 11:39 and nothing again. I didn’t change anything in my configuration and I have my addons files. Is there any issue with my.openhab or is it my instance?
Thank you.

My is receiving updates with no observable issues. Check your openhab.log to see if there is some issue with your connection.

thank you @watou.

So I started to investigate:

  • The log file doesn’t report the error: [.myopenhab.internal.MyOHClient] - Socket.IO error: io.socket.engineio.client.EngineIOException: websocket error
  • I tried to browse my.openhab from a different browser and from a different computer.
  • From the server where openhab 1.8.1 is installed (ubuntu) I can reach my.openhab via browser.
  • uuid and secret are correctly set in my account page.
  • security:option and security:netmask_ are correctly set in openhab.cfg
  • the addon is present in openhab/addons/
  • I restarted openhab.

Does anyone have suggestions?

Thank you.

I’m sure it is not related to my instance: the page “Items” is showing items with the last updated value and the timestamp is updated to some minutes ago. The “Event log” page stopped updating this morning.

I see that my event log is stale as well. I was looking at and the item updates appear to be current, but the event log is stale. No idea why though…

How can we rise this issue to the right people?