My.openhab notifications, dashboard, and config in openhab 2

I had an instance running, entered the uuid and secret.

I created a new instance troubleshooting some other issues. I’ve updated the uuid and secret. It shows online. Unfortunately, I’ve stopped the service and 20 minutes later it still shows online. In fact the status notifications haven’t come through since I’ve done this.

When I do have it running, I can’t get to the dashboard wen I log into my.openhab.

Lastly, WTH is the remote url in the app supposed to be. I’ve seen the generic ‘’ or the more specific/unique ‘’. Which is it? I can see my stuff remotely with the latter.

Both are correct. If you access your sitemap through my.openhab rather than using dyndns and port forwarding you would use the former. If you do port forwarding and dyndns then you would use the latter.

If you are not seeing your sitemap when using the my.openhab address either my.openhab is down or there is something wrong with your my.openhab configuration.

Where is my.openhab configured?

In OH 1.x, once you set up the secret and uuid you make sure your security is set to EXTERNAL and you have a myopenhab.persist file. I’m not sure what is different in OH 2.

Yeah, I don’t see any documentation on 2 anywhere. There wasn’t a myopenhab.cfg created.

This is still a problem for me. I reverted the app to my dyndns. That is working. my.openhab still shows the last update over a week ago and online. What troubleshooting can I do? Since I’m just starting my setup and I won’t need it for a few months, I decided to start with OH2. I’m starting to think that was a mistake.

There really isn’t a separate config in for my.openhab outside of the uuid and secret so you wouldn’t find a myopenhab.cfg. The only “config” is the .persist file.

Are you running with the latest Oracle JRE? There was a recent change with the certificates which broke connections to my.openhab using older JREs.

All I can think of is reinstall the binding from scratch and upgrade your JRE.

JRE is up to date. Uninstall binding in paperui?