not connect

I have a problem with communication,
copy of openhab works and connects with acting on win10, after przenieieniu copy openhab on raspberry system does not connect to
please help

You must reconfigure your settings with the new uuid and secret that were generated on the Raspberry Pi.

@rlkoshak I have actually never looked into my.openhab. From what I read in the last few days - would it make sense to integrate the setup process in openhabian-config?

Given the intended audience for openHABian is for less technical people I would say yes. I think the user who most benefits from openHABian because of unfamiliarity with Linux will be the same user who doesn’t know how to set up port forwarding on their router, understand the risks of doing so, or will find setting up safer alternatives like VPN or ssh tunneling beyond their skill set. My.openhab provides a relatively safe way to get to your OH outside your LAN with it opening yourself up to every port scanning script kiddie on the Internet.

However, I’m not sure what you could do from the openHABian perspective short of throwing up a page with instructions on where to go to sight UI for an account and where to put the uuid and secret on the web form. Unless of course there is some sort API or combination of curls one can run to push the ids to the servers.

The total install is:

  1. Install the add-on
  2. The first time the add-on starts it generates a uuid file and a secret file. These files are in webapps/static in OH 1.8 and somewhere in userdata for OH 2.
  3. For OH 1.8, make sure security is none or external since the add-on basically proxies the REST API by connecting to it on local host.
  4. Log into your account and enter the uuid and secret into the fields under account.

I set everything but it still does not work
in the log file does not see it information about the connection attempt in the windows was seen