on premise installation?


is the source for service (the cloud service for remote access of local installations) out in the open? Is it possible to make ones own cloud based on it?

If not, does anybody know of viable alternatives to remotely access openhab instances in private networks? Some sort of proxying/tunneling software.

Does anybody know how the service achieves it proxy/tunnel feat? Websockets?

Hello Marc,

we are working on opensourcing my.openhab. The target is that my.openhab could be installed and mainly hosted by your own. BUT: It needs a little more time, since it needs well documentation and some parts have to be excluded. This needs time…and it is always difficult to give exact dates.

There are other ways, depending on what you want to do. If it is for your private usage, you could do the following things…

a) Setup DynDNS to your Router IP, and put a “hole” and use Port Fowarding to your device running openHAB (I did that already two years ago and can advice you).

b) You can use a HTTP Reverse Proxy like NGINX to access your local openHAB from remote or an even more secure solution would be a full tunnel VPN, where all the metadata is also encrypted.

c) If the other options are too complicated or not feasable…you can wait for my.openhab become opensource and get the chance to spinup a remote access solution by the combination of the my.openhab cloud + my.openhab binding. But this could be much more than you wanted and require more cloud cpu, memory. Since it will be your server, think also about patching, Security fixes and configuration and all topics of on premise hosting …keep this in mind.

Or you go the most comfortable way and just use the my.openhab cloud service, hosted by our new non profit openhab foundation.

It depends on what you want to do.

BR Mehmet

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Hello Mehmet,

thank you for your detailed answer.

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Just curious, why don’t you want just to use my.openHAB? :slight_smile:


I’m critical of cloud services in general. Why should I open paths into my network/onto my computers for strangers? Are the guys and girls at cloud-service xyz trustworthy? Can I be sure that the service will continue as long as I need it once I depend on it? Will prices be stable or rocket through the ceiling? Etc. My own installation on my own computers is much more controllable, I think.


Thats my point as well. In the past I bought a very expensive Philips Streamium equipment for my home. The website wasn´t working very well (which was required to find radio stations and a lot of other stuff) and then 2-3 years after I purchased more devices they decided to close the website (the devices lost many features and are now no longer in use). Same happened to my loved Romo (a funny looking roboter, you can find some pics in google if you search for ‘Romo Roboter’), the website disappeared which killed him :-/. This was by the way the worst day for my kids… So if the source would be offered then such applications could be saved from any kind of outage.

By the way, if the source code would be open it would help to check issues, find bugs or do some general security checks. And we all plan to control our house with it … security is the key point ;-).