My.openhab persistence configuration/no items

Hi all,

I’ve just started looking at IFTTT and adding persistence to my already working my.openhab configuration. After a couple of days, I must be missing something obvious, but I’m having trouble getting persistence to work, or at least I’m not seeing any items/events in

I am ‘online’ and can successfully connect to my sitemap remotely so that’s configured correctly (I assume).

I have the myopenhab.persist in the persistence folder, with a single item only and the strategy is every change. I have tried different items as well as multiple items/groups, keeping in mind the 20 updates/min rule.

One thing, in my log, I do not see “Initializing myopenhab persistence service” that I’ve seen in other log snippets here, yet I do see the MyOpenHABServiceImpl logging the store(item) call, where “item” matches whatever the current item(s) I have in my persist file. So, permissions are good and it seems to read the persist file. The calls are logged when the item changes as specified so I’m assuming no issues with the syntax.

As for logging, I’ve set DEBUG for logging for both myopenhab and persistence, INFO otherwise. There’s no obvious errors or warnings related to this.

Gone through the docs and other threads and nothing seems to help. I’ve restarted the openhab service after changes as well to look for any initialization messages and nothing.

I’m using OH 1.8.3 on a RPi,

Any other suggestions?

I do see that there are performance issues with the cloud service at the moment, and at one point, persistence was briefly turned off. Can anyone confirm that this isn’t the case so I can eliminate that possibility?


Looks like I should have waited a couple of days for the new service. (BTW, so far so good for early testing)

BTW, always avoid the cardinal sin of having multiple jars for the same add-on. I would have sworn I removed the old 1.8.0 when putting in 1.8.3, but looks like I didn’t. C’est la vie. Cleaning that up, I know see my items…