My openhab server

I think this is off-topic, but here is a picture of my openhab-system.


Very interesting. Some more pics and how it works would be great. How do you want manage to 16850?

Look cool. I am curious what the fan control is for? Certainly not for the PI.

The fancontrol is for the pi, why not :slight_smile:

The net-power is inserted in the ups board so when the power is down the batteries take over.
With a ‘i2cget’ you can readout the remaining power and when it gets below a minimal setting it sends a message to the administratior via ‘Telegram’, next thing the software does is take down the system with a shutdown command.

Below a sceencopy of the program in manual mode (testmode)

Ruwe decimale waarde=raw decimal value (64 = 100%)
Percentage lading=Percentage load
Minimale lading=Minimum load (trigger value)

What is the ups board you’ve used?

Geekworm Power Pack Pro V1.1 UPS HAT Expansion Board for Raspberry Pi (about $10)
And very easy to program (just in ‘bash’ or ‘python’)