my.openHAB Service Issue

my.openHAB is currently experiencing issues, we are working on this now, I will hopefully have an update for people within the next 30 mins.


I was just able to register my account for the first time since the error occurred yesterday.

Thanks for getting it fixed!

Update: The site is up, but running slow as we rebuild one of the indexes on our MongoDB (item events), this should clear up over the next hour or so.

Still get socket timeouts accessing via myopenhab.
Index should be rebuild by now?

still experiencing large lag from Alexa integration. 25-30 seconds I would guess.


My instance is offline since about 2 hours.

Can you try restarting the cloud connector bundle? (or restart OH itself).

It should be better now, the last index finished rebuilding about 20 mins ago,

Changed to online directly after restarting the bundle.

I’m currently getting a 504 Gateway Time-Out error from nginx when accessing

Is there any indication when this is likely to be fixed?

There was a short Outage reported here
Now it works for me again.

Can you try restarting your OH server, or at least restart the openhabcloud bundle/binding?

504 Gateway Time-out, all the time, today [07 Jan]

see also here:

Not true?

not true for me at least…

Now it is running again!